RidePlayer built-in Tone Generator

Did you know you can use our RidePlayer to generate testing tones without uploading any files?

There are 2 ways to accomplish this task:

Event Grid View:

Choose your RP as device, pick Test Audio Output as an Event, choose Tone for Parameter 1, select the Audio Output number, and enter the frequency that you want to use in Hertz (Hz) for example 1Khz = 1000 Hz then enter 1000 under Parameter 3.


Using the Wizard function:

Inside of your Event, hit the New button:


A new pop up window will guide you thru the process. Same as before pick your RidePlayer, select the event. Once everything is entered hit the Next button to continue...


Let's go ahead and pick Tone as our Test Sound, select the Audio Output number, and the frequency. Hit the Finish button once everything is entered.


Your new Event will look like this on Grid View:


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