PTP or NTP, which should I use?

In a wired application, PTP is the preferred method of sync. With PTP, you can achieve true video and audio clock lock sync, along with nanosecond precision in your system clock.
When it comes to a wireless install, this is where PTP does not perform as well. NTP over something like fluidmesh is significantly more reliable than PTP. The only downside to using NTP is that you don’t achieve a full A/V lock.  The show control frame clock is still extremely accurate, but the A/V clocks basically freewheel separately from the sync source. The easiest way to get around this is to just make sure that you trigger content more regularly (for example per ride scene) instead of having long looping points or something like that.
Because of all this, we recommend a hybrid solution of having your V16X slaved to a PTP source, and then have that V16X distribute NTP wirelessly (over fluidmesh) to your RidePlayer fleet. If PTP worked better wirelessly, it would be a no-brainer to just use PTP for everything, but unfortunately it doesn't work quite that well in a wireless situation.
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