VP4X LED Brightness and Mic Gain Pots - Where did they go?

On the black metal VP4X (compared to the older grey metal VP4), we removed quick access to the LED Brightness pot and Mic Gain pot. These used to be accessible from the front of the VPage-VP4 unit with a tweaker through small holes. Now because they are covered by metal in the black VP4X, we recommend the following procedures:

LED Pot:

For the LED pot, that has actually been disconnected on the VP4X. Instead, you can use an AMI Pioneer Command (from AMI Terminal or from VPVCUtiliites) to adjust the LED Brightness. The command is #IBh0D, where # is a brightness percentage between 1 and 100. If you're using VPVCUtilities to send this command, you do not need to include h0D, that is automatically added when #IB is sent. Out of the factory, they are pre-configured to 100% brightness.

Mic Gain Pot:

If you were to disassemble the metal, the mic gain pot still functions. But, to compensate for the removal of the metal hole in the VP4X, our factory sets the gain to a level that maxes out volume on the hardware without causing feedback. Because of this, we recommend that additional adjustments should be made on the DSP side of things.

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