Can I Retrieve a Script from a DMX Machine or InterActivator?

First, you will need to obtain and install the original WinScript program from our Legacy Software web page here:

The program you want is WinScript 3.0 (version 3.07.03, from May 2009)


Once you acquire WinScript, then you can possibly retrieve the script from an Interactivator or DMX Machine.  I say possibly because you can retrieve a copy of the script only if a previous programmer compressed and stored a backup copy at the time of download to the DMX Machine.  If a backup copy was not stored with the operational script in the DMX Machine, then the most you can retrieve is a data (.dat file) version of the script.  The .dat file is a complete representation of the script, but in machine code.  It can be downloaded to the DMX Machine again to restore the program in the unit, but it is not able to be edited in WinScript 3.0. 

So, to review, yes, you can obtain a backup file to reload the script in case the machine breaks.  If you can retrieve the compressed version of the script, then you can edit it in WinScript again.  If this was never saved, then all you will have is the .dat version.  Your best bet is to try to find a copy of the original script (.amw file) that a previous programmer wrote and stored on a computer or backup disc for you at the time of original installation.  If the location of such a backup copy is unknown, then try the retrieval method.


You will need a PC with a working RS232 communication port.  If you do not have a hardware port, then most USB to serial adapters will work.  You will also need a “straight-through” (wired 1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc., not null) serial cable, DB9F to DB9F.  Connect the cable from your PC to the Programming Port of the Show Controller.  Launch WinScript.  From the “File” drop-down menu, select “Upload Script from Unit”.  The serial communication window will pop up.  You may have to select your serial port com number (WinScript attempts to find a valid port from Windows, but sometimes you need to help it, depending on a USB adapter setup)  and then press the “Retrieve” button.  A couple things can happen at this point.  Hopefully there will be successful serial communication.  If not, we may have to work on your valid COM port and Windows-WinScript set up.  Assuming successful connection, you may get a message that a script doesn’t exist.  That would be unfortunate since now you may have to start over with programming.  If all goes well, you will be able to retrieve the script copy, view it in WinScript, and save it to your PC for future use or editing.

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