RidePlayer Firmware Update Won't Complete?

If you run into an issue where your RidePlayer Firmware does not update (you may see it stuck in an infinite loop while it is transfering File #3), you can complete the following steps to fix the problem:


1) Turn off the power for the RidePlayer.


2) Remove the Internal SD Card.


3) Insert the SD card into a windows computer - we will need to reformat the SD Card. Be sure to save any scripts off of your card, as reformatting will delete everything that is on the SD Card. Audio Files on the RidePlayer are stored on a different internal SSD, so those will not be affected.

In Windows, perform a slow format of the SD Card: FAT32, with an allocation unit size of 4096.


4) Download the RidePlayer firmware file from our website for the firmware that you'd like to upgrade your RidePlayer to. 


5) Put the file on the root directory of the SD Card.


6) Reinsert the SD Card into the RidePlayer with the unit powered down. Then, power on the unit. Firmware update on the RidePlayer should take about 10 minutes to complete.


Essentially what happened was a portion of the SD Card became corrupt. Reformatting the SD card fixes the issue.



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