How to Send a Command from one V16X to another V16X

I have setup two scripts, attached, to demonstrate this process. V16X-2 will show in the log that it has received the command. I've actual set up two demos of how it can be done -- using a watched device and using a log message command; this gives you and the customer the ability to choose which works best for their use case. You may need to adjust the IP addresses if your network is set up differently; I used for V16X1 and for V16X2. 

In the file for V16X1, we have two sequences - "Start V16X2 Sequence 1" and "Start V16X2 Sequence 2". I've added triggers so that button1 starts "Start V16X2 Sequence 1" and button2 starts "Start V16X2 Sequence 2" so that you can watch the Live log and the screens to see the messages and how everything takes place. All the devices on V16X1 are in the watch list, so you can see all the messages that go out. There are 3 total devices on V16X1 -- the V16X itself (always present), V16X2 (the normal Alcorn protocol for communicating) and V16X2-Message, using the Custom protocol for sending a message to V16X2 on a nonstandard port. 

On the file for V16X2, there are 2 devices; one is the normal V16X (basically the device itself) and a second for receiving the message from V16X1 on the customer nonstandard port (5555). There are 2 sequences "Sequence 1" and "Sequence 2". 

Sequence 1 is started when V16X1 sends the message "Seq1Start\r" to V16X2 on port 5555. This text can obviously be customized and is placed inside the Trigger on Sequence 1 on V16X2. As you can see by pushing Button 1 on V16X1, both V16X units display a message immediately and simultaneously (depending on network latency) and stay up for 5 seconds. In the Live Log, you see the incoming message " [2021-01-12 14:19:13] Device "V16XIncoming" Incoming: Seq1Start\x0D". 

Sequence 2 is started when V16X1 sends a Start Sequence command using the Event "Start" to V16X2. You can see the outbound message on V16X1's Live Log. In the V16X2's Live Log, you see the reaction with this message using the Log Message event: "[2021-01-12 14:23:47] Info: Sequence 2 Started"

There are other methods that can be used -- you could set up a variable to be used as a trigger on V16X2 and then use V16X1 to set that variable to the correct value to trigger the event and log the message, for instance. The system is very flexible for this type of configuration.

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