How do I enable AES67 on my Binloop

All our Binloop product line is now AES67 capable through the Dante card.
To enable AES67 follow the these steps:
1- Update the dante firmware on the Binloop:
2- Enable in Dante Controller:
*Make sure to have Dante controller V or above
-Open Dante controller and select the Binloop

3- Go to the AES67 tab and select Enable and then press "Reboot".


4- Verify your Tx Multicast Address Prefix (2nd Octet) is set to 69 (default).


5- If you follow steps 2-4 now you are ready to create your first AES67 Multicast transmission flow. Click on “Create a New Multicast Flow” or Ctrl+M. Checked Mark “AES67 flow” and pick the channels that you need.


Your new AES67 Multicast flow should look like this…

6- AES67 into Q-Sys:
*Make sure to have Q-Sys Designer version 5.3 or above
-In the Inventory add an AES67 Receiver
- Add the component to your design
-Once in live mode, open the component, choose the Binloop in the stream name and then click "Enable"
More details about AES67 and Q-Sys can be found in their help file.
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