How much content can our SSDs hold for the Uncompressed Binloop?

The Repro2KU cards on our AV Binloop Uncompressed play back targa files off of Solid State Drives (SSDs) that are installed in the binloop. Each Repro2KU card holds one SSD.

We offer a few different SSD size options depending upon the needs for your project.  In order to assist in helping determine just how large of an SSD you need to purchase, we've created an AVUC Storage Calculator (attached below).

Regardless of the file type, resolution, or bit depth, each targa frame takes up the same amount of space on our SSDs. Thus, playback framerate is the only variable that accounts for how many minutes of content that can be stored on our SSDs.


We currently sell three different sizes of SSD:

SSD480GB (480GB SSD)

SSD960GB (960GB SSD)

SSD1920GB (1920GB SSD)


Our standard 480GB SSD can hold about 15 minutes of content at 59.94 playback, or about 30 minutes at 29.97.

Our largest drive, 1920GB SSD can hold about 1 hour of content at 59.94 playback, or about 2 hours at 29.97!

Please contact for pricing and availability.



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